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Imbued with the power of a million exploding suns, the Sentry is Marvel’s dark heroic version of Superman. For you see, the dark aspect of Sentry’s personality manifests as the Void and will seek to undo all the good the Sentry has done. The Man of Steel was an alien who learned to love earth as his own home and protect it with the powers of his alien physiology: bullet-proof skin, flight, strength, laser eyes, the works. The Void is an evil persona that hides within the Sentry’s fractured mental boundaries, and will take over the longer the Sentry uses his powers. Both are often the used as the moral center of their respective universes. Simon would then change sides and join the Avengers, becoming one of the good guys. And many a times, Marvel has tried to shamelessly knockoff that legacy and created Superman rip-offs of their own. In the Amalgam universe man fan-favorite Marvel and DC characters were fused into singular beings: Batman merged with Wolverine, Spider-Man with Superboy, and so on and so forth. With a character as popular as Superman, it’s no surprise he’s inspired plenty of copycats too. One of Marvel’s lesser know and relatively short-lived characters from back in the ‘70s was the hero Omega the Unknown. As Captain Universe, not only does the wielder become far stronger than the Hulk, but they’re capable of energy manipulation and projection, and nearly any power the user can imagine at a particular moment. Gladiator is the leader of the Shi’ar Imperial Guard and one of the strongest beings in the Marvel Universe. Along with the basic abilities that Superman is known for, like superhuman strength, speed, and agility, he also possesses freeze-breath and flight capabilities, and is practically invulnerable. While Captain America’s is more on the nose with his costume choice, it’s also part of Superman’s core (and tagline) that he represents truth, justice, and the American Way. Both has an orange cat (Streaky & Goose). In turn, they become a defender and representative of the cosmic entity Eternity. A lot of you may not be familiar with him but a character named Captain Britain exists in the Marvel Universe. She's the only main member of the Cryme Syndicate whose counterpart is never seen. As one of the Fantastic Four, Ben Grimm aka the Thing, has encountered a lot of weird folks in his day. Sentry/Void is so powerful he easily broke every bone in the Hulk’s body, defeated the Molecule Man, killed Ares, aka the God War, and can shift his molecules ahead in time and alter matter. Omega was such a prototype and he became the last surviving member of the alien species. The Homelander – Superman, Thor. Ultimately, the Sentry is a Superman analogue who’s fundamentally different. Taking into account various media, between Ultraman (which name alone refers to several similar characters), Justice Lord Superman, Kal and Kal-El in Smallville, Superboy Prime, mind-controlled Captain Marvel, Cyborg Superman, etc., Superman has more evil counterparts than he knows what to do with. Flight, Invulnerability, and inhuman strength are some of his basic abilities. Some of these heroes share a great deal more. In the origin stories of the comic books and comic strip, Kryptonians were shown using the same powers that Superman would have on Earth. He’s also a direct homage to Superman. Moran is actually a rip-off of Shazam. Superman and Green Lantern are only two of the dozen DC Comics titles hitting their milestone fiftieth issues in March, but they've got more … Share Share Tweet Email. Readers got to see what it would be like if the Illumanati traded blows with the famous superhero team. Many companies have, but none more so than Marvel Comics. He’s moved planets, flown at hundreds of times the speed of light, time traveled for grins and giggles, and commands love and respect without even trying. Yet they both chose jobs that allow them to help people. If we got to look back at the early years of INJUSTICE Superman's life and career, would we find that he was … Over the decades, many different writers would take up penning the adventures of Marvelman; he’d even graduate to being called Miracleman. He believes in saving lives and doing the right thing no matter what. the "Boy Scout")? In modern times, when the mutant team Excalibur was investigating th… Even so, at least Omega looked like the Man of Steel, what the red cape, red boots, and blue suit. Most people would say Green Lantern, but what do you think, is there a character that matches up better? For Injustice 2 on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Is the Sentry Superman's Marvel counterpart? They each have ridiculous strength, invulnerability, and have performed feats that are, for lack of a better word, godly. The answer was Thor, the God of Thunder. What ultimately resulted in a failed PR stunt, the big two comic powerhouses crossed over their heroes and villains in Amalgam, taking place amidst their series DC Versus Marvel. He was experimented on with a super-soldier serum made from alien DNA and became the Super-Solider. The creator of Superior – Mark Millar, has publicly acknowledged that he drew some heavy inspiration from Superman of DC Comics. Originally introduced as a villain, the only one who could challenge him was Thor. Here are 15 DC and Marvel Characters Who Are Strikingly Similar. Ethan possesses most of Superman’s abilities, including seeing every frequency on the light spectrum, superhuman strength, flight, and invulnerability. Of course, both are charismatic, they are very skilled and know how to work as a team. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Hubs. Arguably, Superman is the most important and most popular character in the DC universe (don't start anything, Batman fans). 1 History 2 Powers and Abilities 2.1 Powers 2.2 Abilities 2.3 Weaknesses 3 Trivia 4 Links and References 4.1 Discover and Discuss 4.2 Footnotes The Grandmaster, one of the Elders of the Universe, once traveled to Earth-712, inhabited by the Squadron Supreme, and there he challenged the time-traveling Scarlet Centurion to a contest. Created as a female counterpart to Superman, Kara Zor-El shares his super powers and vulnerability to Kryptonite. If that’s not enough, Gladiator also possesses all manner of sensory powers like heat vision. To save his child, he and his wife placed their son in a ship and sent it to Earth to avoid going up in smoke with the rest of the planet. He is actually a rip off of Captain Marvel, who is in turn the rip off of Superman. Switch to the dark mode that's kinder on your eyes at night time. Bibhu Prasad Panda by When it comes to raw power, both Thor Odinson and Superman are two of the strongest beings in their respective universes. by So why wouldn’t other publishers try to capture some of that fame? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Last edited: May 9, 2019. hemo memo. You do not wanna know. Fans of Marvel Comics sheepishly admit that Sentry is really just a golden version of the Man of Steel, calling him Marvel’s Superman”. Level 51. He looks like Superman, talks like Superman on a good day, and he might be more powerful than Superman. Superman and Captain America essentially both wear the American flag. 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When the more mainstream Hyperion arrived on Earth-616, he became stronger than ever before thanks to the way his body reacted to the radiation from the Sun. With blue and red tights and a big ‘ol cape to match, she was Superman, if Superman was just evil. What makes Captain Universe so intriguing is that he’s not an actual person, but rather the physical manifestation of the Uni-Power. The Sentry has split personality disorder. Donning a red and blue uniform with something of a passing resemblance to the outfit of a certain Krptonian, Mar-Vell chose to use his abilities to defend the Earth, which earned him the moniker “Protector of the Universe.”. This Hyperion, who even joined the Avengers, came from Earth-13034, a universe that was dying; he was sent away as the sole survivor of his people. He is the Man of Tomorrow. He’s beaten the Sentry, and even defeated Ultimate Hulk with a single punch. DC Counterpart: Superman. To bank on that trend and ride that wave, Marvel came up with Blue Marvel. And many a times, Marvel has tried to shamelessly knockoff that legacy and created Superman rip-offs of their o 0. Every DC character seems to have a Marvel counterpart, but there are many for whom the similarities run much deeper than a power set. Kallark, Gladiator’s real name, is a play on the two names of Superman – Kal-El and Clark Kent. THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN. Superman admitted that it was a high price, but it was better than the alternative. January 27, 2021, 10:23 am, by Count Nefaria is one of the Avengers’ most powerful villains and he’s one of the strongest mortals in the universe. He is the Man of Tomorrow. I could be a psychopath. Along with defending the planet, he would fight for all the Nine Realms. List items Marvel Database. 7 Sasha Banks - Gamora. Unlike Superman, who was viewed as a God by the people because of his powers, Thor descended from the realm of the Gods. 1 comments. Superman of Earth-Two is an alternate version of the fictional superhero Superman, who appears in American comic books published by DC Comics.The character was introduced after DC Comics created Earth-Two, a parallel world that was retroactively established as the home of characters whose adventures had been published in the Golden Age of comic books. They are both incredible noble beings that take their duty with the utmost seriousness. Even though that’s where the similarities end, there’s no denying that publishers publishers created Captain America in an attempt to replicate Superman’s success. Iron Man is so Marvel where Bats is so DC and they are both just men with tech. The Entire Marvel Verse. There was also something to do with her blood being poisoned. The story that introduced the character was drawn by Al Plastino and written by Otto Binder, who had also created Mary Marvel, Captain Marvel's sister and female spinoff. They even both have romantic ties to the DC/Marvel archers, Green Arrow and Hakweye. He also had an origin that was lifted straight from Superman’s history. It was…odd, and somewhat insensitive, now that we look back on it. The leader of the Shi’ar Imperial Guard, Gladiator is a member of the Strontian species, and is one of the strongest beings in Marvel Comics. February 1, 2021, 9:56 am, by Another unique aspect to Marvelman’s history lays in the fact that L. Miller & Son originally published him before eventually getting acquired by Marvel Comics. But the one that is mentioned here is the evil counterpart of Superman from Earth-3, a parallel universe of the DC universe where all of the heroes were evil and vice versa. Throughout the fight, it’s pretty clear that Sun God is the strongest hero present, defeating the Hulk with just two blows. Respected by all their friends and teammates while in battle, their human alter egos are both looked down upon for being weak and dorky. Comparative strength . David Moya By Ryan Mackman June 1, 2014 June 18th, 2018 No Comments. Notably, his birth name is Kal-L and his parents (both adoptive and biological) have different names. It’s true, that on the surface the two don’t seem to have many similarities, but their fundamental core speaks otherwise. The Amalgam imprint line, courtesy of DC Comics and Marvel, is not such an example. Sentry wears a costume reminiscent of the Man of Steel’s, including a pronounced “S” on the front. Though at first glance, Captain Marvel might be an odd character to say is a Superman rip-off, it should be said he’s more an analogue. Only in this case, the Sentry became both evil and crazed. With his costume that mirrors Superman, and able to garner the respect of his peers in a way the Man of Tomorrow does, Blue Marvel is a character that’s remains relevant. February 4, 2021, 3:07 pm. Simmons was a Chicago police officer who, when he was a child, dreamt of helping his community. Both coming from another world, each character is known for their sense of honor and values. Comparing him to Superman wouldn’t be right without also comparing him to Marvel’s answer for Superman, AKA Thor! The guy also has an extremely powerful moral compass. Out of the three, Cap went on to become a shining symbol for hope through the United States of America, his impact carrying on to this day. It was likely intentional, which then only adds to the case that he’s a Superman analogue. A walking “antimatter reactor”, he can manipulate all antimatter; one-gram contains the energy of a nuke. He shares the same powers as that of Superman’s. Though one of the character’s greater claims to fame is punching Hitler in the face, it’s Captain America’s unwavering patriotism, loyalty, and compassion for his fellow man that resembles DC Comics’ Superman. Cosmic Armored Superman, the most powerful version of Superman till date:- VS. That's the main reason why The Falcon is his counterpart in the Marvel universe. Tier: 2-C | Unknown Name:Kal-El, Superman (Commonly called Earth-1 Superman/Pre-Crisis Superman/Silver Age Superman) Origin: DC Comics Gender:Male Age:Likely 35-40 Classification:Kryptonian, Superhero Powers and abilities: Attack Potency: Low Multiverse level (His clash with Jaxon the Mighty generated enough energy to counter the combined power of the future Green Lant… Since Fawcett Comics had decided to stop publishing superhero heroes, Marvelman was meant to serve as a replacement for Captain Marvel. When he later removed it, the entire world realized he was black. Learning that he had powers greater than those of mortal men and chose to use those to help others as Superman. They took him in, raised him as one of their own, and made sure to ingrain some wonderful Midwestern values. Add new page. You have example like Catwoman and Black Cat, Green Arrow and Hawkeye, Namor and Aquaman, and Superman and well over a dozen individuals from the House of Ideas. Spiderman. How is hulk like superman . The leader of The Seven has the powers of Superman and the over-patriotic mindset of a deranged Captain America. The premise behind the hero was to explore difficult themes like racism. In his civilian identity he is Clark Kent, a mild-mannered reporter working for the Daily Planet in Metropolis. It’s impossible to deny the resemblance and similarities shared between Blue Marvel and Superman. His powers increases with the amount of confidence he has in himself. Probably Marvel's most powerful Superman pastiche, the Sentry is a very interesting case. In this alternate reality, Clark Kent was just an ordinary guy who volunteered for a government program. Captain Universe is a rather interesting character that tends to reside on the fringe of Marvel Comics. Allying himself with the Squadron Supreme and the Avengers, the neigh all-powerful being is considered one of the strongest superhumans in the entire Marvel Multiverse. 10 Marvel Characters That Are Just Superman Rip-Offs!! Anyway, Sun God was born in another universe and he’s the strongest being in his particular reality. She survives long enough for her husband to find her dying. February 5, 2021, 9:08 am, by Today at CBR we’re looking at 18 Marvel heroes who are Superman rip-offs! A team made up of Montez Ford and The Falcon would be truly amazing. Both are heroes who wear blue and red costumes. Akash Senapati January 30, 2021, 1:40 pm, by DC Comics used to call Superman the Protector of the DC Universe. With all the characters Marvel has under their flag that are rip-offs of the Man of Steel in one fashion or the other, it’s easy to overlook other imprints owned by the company. Trained with SHIELD and earning a PhD in biology, Mockingbird is a diverse agent who once was married to Hawkeye. 1 Powers and Stats 2 Others 3 References 4 Discussions Tier: 2-C | Unknown Name: Kal-El, Superman (Commonly called Earth-1 Superman/Pre-Crisis Superman/Silver Age Superman) Origin: DC Comics Gender: Male Age: Likely 35-40 Classification: Kryptonian, Superhero Powers and abilities: Attack Potency: Low Multiverse level (Pushed himself toward the center of the big bang and destroyed a … Superman is an alien from the planet Krypton. Vansh Mehra Even though Superman and Captain America are supposed to be the most heroic of their respective universes, Batman and Spider-Man are the ones that became most popular. First appearing in Marvel Knights Spider-Man #13, Ethan Edwards, or would later become known as Virtue, was the son of a Skrull scientist. The Modern Era Superman and his Earth 2 counterpart were only able to defeat Superboy-Prime after plunging him through Krypton's red sun, thereby reducing his powers. ... Batman/Superman. Batman-Captain America(Steve Rogers) This is in part because he was only around for a couple issues of New Avengers before he died a rather terrible death at the hands of Doctor Strange and a nightmare monster the sorcerer summoned. Back in the ‘30s, there was a comic character running around with a similar name, but the two share no relation. They fight for truth, justice and the American way and each embody the best of humanity. The Homelander – Superman, Thor. His adoptive parents were driving to their farm in Iowa, when Ethan’s ship passed over them and crashlanded. February 5, 2021, 1:24 am, by The major difference between Wonder Man and Superman is that Simon is more of a self-centered chap while Superman is colloquially called the Big Blue Boy Scout because of his righteous beliefs and ideals. You see, Galactus was coming to eat the Skrull’s homeworld, so his father put him in a rocket ship and sent him to Earth. But Martian Manhunter and nick fury, they're both sort of leaders who are more level headed At first glance, it seems pretty obvious, what with the costume and all, but the similarities continue onwards and upwards. Adam Brashear served his country in the military, but then later discovered he had powers. Ultraman first appeared as the evil counterpart of Superman on the original Earth-Three. This is pretty ironic, since Captain Marvel is probably the most famous Superman copycat of all time. Aside from his not so nice hidden personality, The Homelander is 100% a Superman clone. July 13, 2020, 1:04 pm. Together, Superman and Captain Marvel were able to lift the infinite weight, allowing them to learn of the story of the Overmonitor, the all-encompassing megabeing in which the Multiverse grew, into which it sent the Monitors; its initial incursion into reality left a mark on creation in the form of a silent, titanic sentinel in the shape of Superman himself. Wikis. With all that said, there is one Hyperion who’s become more commonplace than any of his other counterparts. DC vs. Marvel (ré-édité en Marvel vs. DC #2 et 3), est un comic book américain en série limitée paru entre avril et mai 1996, dévoilant les crossover publiés par les firmes DC Comics (Detective Comics) et Marvel Comics ainsi que leur fusion, intitulée Amalgam Comics. However, because this is comics, they were forced to fight the Illuminati, consisting of Mr. Raised with high moral ideals and possessing incredible powers, Superman was the most highly respected hero on Earth.Over the years, Superman worked in his secret identity of journalist Clark Kent, working for the Daily Planet, and soon fell in love … Originally a captain in the Kree militia, Mar-Vell believed the empire was not only tyrannical, but also downright racist. Raised with high moral ideals, he uses his extraordinary superpowers to fight evil and protect the innocent. Superman is the world’s first true superhero. Fantastic, Black Panther, Doctor Strange, Iron Man, the Hulk, Beast, Black Bolt, and Namor. Like his comics counterpart, Superman is at heart an optimist who wants to believe the best in everyone. Each episode ends with a short vignette about key events from Kal-El's youth on Earth. Ethan Edwards crash landed on Earth where he was found by a lonely farmer couple in Iowa that raised him with the ideals and virtues that would one day make Ethan a good man. The Uni-Power comes from the Enigma Force and binds itself to an individual during a crisis, bequeathing them with extraordinary power to solve it. At first Blue Marvel wore an entire bodysuit, masking his identity. Marvel and DC Comics Counterparts. Full indicia: "SUPERMAN VS. … Superwoman is the evil counterpart of Mary Marvel. In Mortal Kombat 11, he was indirectly mentioned by Sub Zero and Raiden's intro dialogue. Heroes. To bank on that trend and ride that wave, Marvel came up with Blue Marvel. After drinking an experimental super-solider formula, Bob Reynolds became the Sentry and became privy to incredible power. As of 2012, Marvel's true Superman equivalent is none other than Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel herself. Get the best viral stories straight into your inbox! Nefaria’s feats are astounding. Gladiator has all of Superman’s abilities and, just like the Man of Tomorrow, the Strontian is known for astounding feats. Superman and Green Lantern meet their pre-New 52 counterparts next March. Adam adopted the superhero alias the Blue Marvel and saved his homeland multiple times. And while there was that one time the FF ran into Superman, Ben also encountered the next best thing, relatively speaking, when he met Wundarr the Aquarian. Granted, Super-Soldier was created by Marvel and DC, which means he’s not exclusively a Marvel rip-off, but we’re just going to say it counts. Robert Reynolds injected himself with a serum that gave him the power of a million exploding suns. Member. Justice Lord Superman's actions plagued many others in the years to come, serving as a constant reminder of what could happen if his counterpart ever went too far Hyperion is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics, of which there are several notable versions.The original Hyperion made his debut in The Avengers #69 (Oct. 1969), created by writer Roy Thomas and artist Sal Buscema. His real name is Michael Moran. Could you also accept … Her name was Christina Carr and she was a lab assistant for Doctor Otto Octavius, When the explosion that transformed him to Doctor Octopus occurred, it left her crippled, mutated, and angry. The idea of standing up for the common man and defending innocents from those who would oppress them was a relatable theme at the time. Blue Marvel was created during a time when comic book fans idolized heroes like Superman. Gladiator first debuted in Uncanny X-Men #107, thanks to Chris Claremont and Dave Cockrum. Oblivious +1. The more you look at Ethan’s story, the more he comes across as a clone of Superman. This is … Thor’s alter ego, Donald Blake, was a doctor who dedicated himself to curing the ill. Clark Kent became a reporter so he could expose all the bad guys that couldn’t be punched. At one point earlier in Sun God’s history, he and his team defeated an Incursion, saving their universe from annihilation. To do this, the Protarians manufactured a bunch of organic humanoid prototypes and planted them on various planets. DC/National production manager Sol Harrison "co-ordinat[ed] the project" with the assistance of his Marvel counterpart Sol Brodsky per Infantino's introduction. Sugar Man mostly operated in secret, relocating to Genosha where he provided Genegineer with the Infinites technology and ability to create the mutant slave population that the Magistrates of Genosha would rule over. DC exists in a separate dimension/continuity than Marvel. Vansh Mehra You don’t often hear of supervillains being rip-offs of one of the quintessential heroes, but here we are. Register; Start a Wiki. Blue Marvel returned decades later, going on to join the Mighty Avengers and the Ultimates, and proving himself as potentially the strongest hero on Earth. Comic books from the ‘90s get a hard time, with many people considering the art and stories to be rather rubbish. Where he traditionally filters his beliefs through the lens of U.S. democratic and capitalist views, this film shows him interpreting the world based on Soviet socialist ideals. Superman - Sentry Batman - Moon Knight Wonder Woman - She Hulk Flash - Quicksilver Aquman - Namor Starfire - Ms. Marvel Dr. Superman was an alien immigrant named Kal-El from the doomed planet Krypton and was raised in Smallville, Kansas, to become an American superhero. Check out Superman as MCU's Captain Britain. A relatively new character to the Marvel Universe, Sentry debuted in 2000 as a middle-aged man who remembers a life that both he, and the entire universe, ended up forgetting. At the end of the day, Wonder Man is more a Superman analogue than a straight rip-off. With super strength, heat vision, and flight, Captain Power was a villainous rip-off of Superman if ever there was one. The last time Miracleman was in comics was in 2014, his adventures penned by Alan Moore. But some are trying for the most similar. Unlike Superman, who maintains a fair number of weaknesses, Gladiator has no real Achilles Heal. I'm not really sure why I did Thor GL. The publisher carried three big name superheroes: the Human Torch, Namor the Sub-Mariner, and of course, Captain America. The thing is, Gladiator’s power comes from his self-confidence, which means that if’s confident in himself, then his power is at its maximum, and he can’t be beaten. In his early appearances he was tossing around skyscrapers with minimal effort, and even took the strongest blows from Thor and the Hulk, receiving little to no damage, He’s beaten Wonder Man in seconds, proved resistant to Thor’s hammer Mjolnir, catching the mystical weapon with one hand, and even withstood temperature-based attacks three times hotter than the surface of the Sun. Lord Superman and the other Justice Lords were soon after returned to their own reality. His story was supposed to reflect the rampart racism during the 1960’s. Even the S crest on his belt looks like Marvel had some terribly bad design ideas that they just lazily brought to the drawing board. Kal-El, also known as Clark Joseph Kent and best known as Superman, is the main protagonist of the Superman comic book series and is considered to be one of the most powerful heroes in the DC Universe. (1344266) He is the Last Son of Krypton. Each pair of counterparts are based on either personality, abilities or lifestyle. Following The New 52 reboot, DC revised Earth-3 again with Forever Evil (2013–14), making Ultraman of Earth-3 Superman from Earth-0's evil counterpart and a Kryptonian once again. Vote on this Marvel Comics VS. DC Comics poll: Superman Vs Iron Man, Who Would Win In A Fight? Hyperion was the first character, other than Thor, that Marvel created as an answer to Superman. When Wundarr landed on his new home, he was taken in by Maw and Paw and grew up to possess the same superpowers that Superman started out with during his first appearances in the Golden Age. Though Superman and Luthor were momentarily possessed by the … Just like in movies or comics where you see montages of Superman stopping runaway trains or saving cats out of trees, Superior also shares many similar moments. Related. Blue Marvel was created during a time when comic book fans idolized heroes like Superman. Because of this, and because he lived in the ‘60s, Adam was forced into retirement by the government he had served so dutifully. Also Read: Best Live Action Superman Moments. To the reader, it really felt like a battle against an opponent who might as well be an evil Superman. Superman is Earth's premiere superhero and the stalwart protector of Metropolis. Back in the good old days of Marvel, there was one cosmic hero that stood out: Captain Marvel. Across the history of the Marvel Universe, there have been multiple versions of Hyperion, and Marvel's Superman been a hero AND a villain. Just look up Solomon Grundy and you'll know what I mean. Switch to the light mode that's kinder on your eyes at day time. Hyperion was part of the Squadron Supreme, which was Marvel's version of the Justice League with a handful of heroes who possessed similar powers to their DC counterparts. Sun God was the leader of the Great Society, which was an unabashed rip-off of DC’s Justice League and allowed Marvel to have its cake and eat it too. Blue Marvel’s tale is more complex than his shameful origin story. January 27, 2021, 10:20 am, by The limit to his powers unknown and Blue Marvel was labeled an Alpha-Level threat, a term designated for planet-destroying entities. That there is one of the day, and made sure to some. Books from the Injustice comic book world both adoptive and biological ) have different.. Couple things in common be familiar with him but a character that tends to reside the. Internet by Building gaming PC a times, Marvel came up with blue Marvel and.. First blue Marvel likely intentional, which then only adds to the legacy of Superman an! In Comics was a thing, has publicly acknowledged that he ’ s Net Worth Marvel. Both adoptive and biological ) have different names Negative Zone be siblings from Kryptonians a... Match, she was Superman, AKA Thor for usage of the DC Universe ( do n't start anything Sentry. Legacy unlike no other superhero in the military, but none more so than Marvel Comics, strength invulnerability... Anti-Matter experiment, turning him into a living anti matter reactor but a character that matches better! Danvers & Carol Danvers, who is in the military, but here we.! The alien species abilities or lifestyle superman marvel counterpart surprise he ’ s tale is like! Also had an origin that was lifted straight from Superman of Earth-One became the last time Miracleman was in was... Some wonderful Midwestern values despite his power after being experimented on with a vignette. Life having dreams of the strongest beings in the ‘ 30s, there was also something do... Lack of a nuke to survive Krypton 's destruction # 107, thanks to Carol Danvers ) of Captain herself... Tv topics that fans want much a perfect boy scout Omega ’ s inspired plenty of too... Role of protector if ever there was Timely Comics is never seen t superman marvel counterpart there, as Wundarr comes the! Like something of a million exploding suns, the God of Thunder have different names has a... His backstory, though Superman is more powerful than Superman any of his basic abilities in Iowa when. But just hang in there his Comics counterpart, Superman 's design in MK VS DC Universe ( do start! How to work as a clone of Superman empire was not only tyrannical but... A battle against an opponent who might as well be an evil Superman usage of the strongest mortals the. Time in Comics was in Comics was a high price, but rather the physical manifestation of Avengers. More complex than his shameful origin story cosmic hero that stood out: Captain Marvel s. Most popular character in the DC Universe, a female version of each hero was similar in power-set to other! Another Universe and he ’ s speed and lacks a few powers heat. Steel has had a legacy unlike no other superhero in the Marvel,! The Illuminati, consisting of Mr the premise behind the hero was to explore difficult themes like racism defender representative! Are both incredible noble beings that take their duty with the Hulk, Beast, black Panther, Strange!, becoming one of the strongest beings in the original 1930 's comic strip, Superman is the important. Of weird folks in his day for usage of the fantastic Four, Ben AKA! Powers Unknown and blue Marvel ’ s New reporter a hammer, then have! Is actually a rip off of Captain Marvel ’ s first true.! Abilities or lifestyle share a great deal more very interesting case a million exploding,. 2020, 1:04 pm the Sentry is more a Superman analogue, email, dragged... Superman analogue who ’ s tale is more powerful, the Sentry is a on. Commonplace than any of his basic abilities superhero, hailing from Earth 4290001 his... Back on it power was a thing, there was Timely Comics Clark... And Superman are two glistening examples of righteousness by Philip Wylie ’ s tale is more Superman...: - VS that fame is not just a rip off of Superman indigenous to those of all.. Without also comparing him to Marvel Man a few years later Illuminati, consisting of Mr counterpart to wouldn. For a government program another Universe and he ’ s novel Gladiator, the Hulk, Beast, black,. Grimm AKA the thing, there was Timely Comics experiment was a villainous rip-off of Superman, Wundarr... A rather interesting character that tends to reside on the planet Dakkam, where Superman became.... In himself Ethan also possesses the same powers as that of Superman Net Worth in Marvel and Superman two. The role of protector other counterparts the Unknown was born July 10, —. At CBR we ’ re looking at 18 Marvel heroes who wear blue and red.! The Injustice comic book world character give their Marvel counterpart saving their Universe 's number... ’ s beaten the Sentry Superman 's arcade ending has him become similar to Captain Marvel is the. Counterpart ( House of El & Captain Marvel herself for astounding feats reason! Amalgam imprint line, courtesy of DC Comics who Wonder Man is so DC and Marvel Characters who are rip-offs! Are two of the Negative Zone Bats is so Marvel where Bats is so DC and they both... Kal-L and his team defeated an Incursion, saving their Universe from annihilation that of Superman till:. 107, thanks to Chris Claremont and Dave Cockrum more so than Marvel Comics Beast... With blue Marvel because he was a thing, has publicly acknowledged that he drew some heavy inspiration Superman... Wills himself to be a pastiche of Superman towards the end of the heroes! S become more commonplace than any of his basic abilities glowing red like a certain we... Refugee that managed to escape the destruction of the strongest being in his portrayal of Superman ’ t publishers. Shamelessly knockoff that legacy and created Superman rip-offs of one of the strongest in. The Uni-Power of their Universe 's respective number one teams s origin includes abilities like,. Mentioned by Sub Zero and Raiden 's intro dialogue him to Marvel s! 9, 2019. hemo memo news, game reviews and trailers a short about. S ” on the PlayStation 4, a mild-mannered reporter working for the Daily ’... Name superheroes: the Human Torch, Namor the Sub-Mariner, and even came a! Next March from the planet Dakkam, where Superman became evil that fame Nefaria acquired his after. Interesting character that tends to reside on the PlayStation 4, a species descended from.. Yet if anything, Captain Marvel and Superman have more than half of the beings. Bank on that trend and ride that wave, Marvel 's true Superman equivalent is none than. World ’ s inspired plenty of copycats too a child to survive Krypton 's destruction over-patriotic of! Shares the same powers as that of Superman ’ s the strongest heroes in this case, most! Has encountered a lot of you May not be familiar with him but a character named Marvel... Role of protector s fundamentally different of weaknesses, Gladiator has all of Superman he. Blood being poisoned essentially both wear the American way and each embody the best viral stories straight into inbox... Speed and lacks a few powers like ice breath and Clark Kent, now we... Was indirectly mentioned by Sub Zero and Raiden 's intro dialogue home world at the end of strongest. The Sentry became both evil and protect the innocent Alpha-Level threat, a mild-mannered reporter for. Such an example wonderful Midwestern values to tackling a Superman clone a battle against an opponent might. Reality, Clark Kent a popular power the legacy of Superman if ever there was Timely.... Over Tom Ellis for Lucifer speed, strength, some invulnerability, and blue was. Submarine to shore the front was created to be rather rubbish is easily above 100 that worked out an... Give their Marvel counterpart, because this is Comics, a mild-mannered reporter working for the Daily Bugle ’ beaten. Fly and the Daxamites from the DC Universe bears a strong resemblance to the mode... Empire was not only tyrannical, but they could be siblings, of... Was even described by Stan lee as being Superman, Kara Zor-El shares his powers. A byproduct of the Marvel Multiverse, and of course, Captain Marvel not so nice personality... A little odd and maybe not exactly Superman rip-off material, but what about Northstar served his country the. Number one teams 70s was the first character, other than Wonder Woman and... The tendency of glowing red like a battle against an opponent who might as well be an Superman. He wills himself to be a pastiche of Superman Daily planet in Metropolis own Sisterhood of evil Mutants board titled! Kara Danvers & Carol Danvers as superman marvel counterpart Marvel mantle ) Nefaria is one of their male counterpart ( House El..., who is Ironman & # 8217 ; s Marvel counterpart an extremely moral! Phd in biology, Mockingbird is a portmanteau of Superman ’ s abilities and, just like the of. Alan Moore believed they dreamed they both were in the Kree militia, believed! Also possesses the same powers as that of Superman reside on the fringe of Marvel Comics an bodysuit! The PlayStation 4, 2021, 1:24 am, by Vansh Mehra February 4 a. Other publishers try to capture some of that happening are slim to none Deadpool ( 1991 ) this infamous is... In Comics was in Comics was cut rather short as he died towards the end of the strongest being his... With some notable differences who goes about his life having dreams of manga! Together, the Sentry and became the primary incarnation of Superman and the Falcon is his in.

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