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An LEP and the maps accompanying it detail Council’s overall strategic requirements for an area including land zonings and permissible development in each zone. Council provides Planning Enquiry Officers to assist you in understanding Council's planning controls, the Development Assessment process and to answer general planning enquiries. The purpose of the Keeping of Animals Policy (draft) is to provide a balanced approach to the management of domestic and companion animals living within the Northern Beaches local government area. The Greater Sydney Commission has considered your LEP Review as part of the Phase 1 Assurance and can confirm that Northern Beaches Council has complied with the requirements as set out in Action 83 of the North District Plan. This letter now provides advice regarding the next stages of the program, namely the Northern Beaches Council does not support dual occupancies, multi dwelling housing (terraces) and manor houses being carried out as complying development on certain land under Manly Local Environmental Plan (MLEP 2013) and Pittwater Local Environmental Plan 2014 (PLEP 2014). Talk to a Planning Enquiry Officer: Phone: Call 1300 434 434 between 8.30am - 5pm. Between 2019 and 2023 Council is creating a new roadmap for managing the way the Northern Beaches evolves over the next 20 years. We confirm that the Commission supports Northern Beaches Council’s draft Local Strategic Planning Statement (March 2020 V5) as being consistent with the Greater However a person who through this process obtains a copy of a survey or other plans subject to copyright, would be in break of copyright law if those plans were later used … It will assist owners of animals in understanding their … We started this process in 2019 with the release of our Local Strategic Planning Statement – Towards 2040 , outlining the future vision for the Northern Beaches and our commitment to a sustainable future. The draft Central Coast LEP and DCP (draft CCLEP and LEP) also known as the ‘Consolidated LEP and DCP’ is a priority project to strengthen the merger of the former Gosford City and Wyong Shire Councils, since becoming the Central Coast Council in May 2016. Assurance Phase 2: Draft LSPS . Northern Beaches Council currently has 4 LEP’s that apply to land in the area, as follows: Manly LEP 2013; Pittwater LEP 2014; Warringah LEP 2011; Warringah LEP 2000 D. Council exhibit a detailed concept design of the proposed play facilities as part of the draft Clontarf Beach Masterplan expected to be exhibited in March 2018 Ballina Local Environmental Plan 1987 (BLEP 1987) The BLEP 1987 continues to apply to land identified in BLEP 2012 as 'deferred matter'. The statement expresses the desired future direction for housing, employment, transport, recreation, environment and infrastructure for the Northern Beaches LGA as a whole, and guides the content of Council’s Local Environmental Plan (LEP) and Development Control Plan (DCP). In accordance with the Council resolution, the criteria established by the NSW State Government’s Northern Councils E Zone Review will be applied to the areas that are to be integrated into the Ballina LEP 2012. We note your draft LSPS has been prepared in response to the provisions of Section 3.9 of the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act 1979 (EP&A Act). C. Council allocate $1,200,000 to develop an inclusive playground, upgraded public toilets and other facilities at Clontarf Beach per the masterplan currently being developed. Northern Beach Council has received a draft planning proposal relevant to 66 Bardo Rd and 2-4 Nooal Sts Newport. managed into the future. Council was subsequently advised that the Minister for Planning and Public Spaces would not grant a further deferral and the Code would commence in the Northern Beaches LGA on 1 July 2020. The proposal seeks to amend the Pittwater Local Environmental Plan 2014 by adding an additional permitted use to the site to allow for a seniors living development. A Council complying with its obligation under the GIPA Act does not breach copyright law.

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